Sneak Peek Pilates

Interested in Pilates? Need to spice up your routine? Want to refine your practice?

Here you will find a series of short Instagram videos meant to inspire and encourage you to keep your practice both fresh and rewarding.

  1. Legs Pulling Straps on the Reformer
  2. Side Leg Extension on the Stability Chair
  3. Down Stretch on the Reformer
  4. Frog on the Reformer
  5. Feet Pulling Straps: Hamstring Curls
  6. Sidebends on the Stability Chair
  7. Kneeling Chest Press with Fitness Circle
  8. Tendon Stretch on the Stability Chair
  9. Twist with Round Back
  10. Back Splits on the Reformer
  11. Frog Back Hips Up, on the Stability Chair
  12. Elephant on the Stability Chair
  13. Snake
  14. Reverse Short Spine with Leg Circles
  15. Front Splits
  16. Hamstring Press, Hips Up
  17. Diagonal Row with Maple Pole
  18. Abdominal Endurance Series with the Jump Board

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