The surprising link between compassion and stress

Helping Others Can Reduce Stress Levels

Are you feeling stressed? Who isn't, right?!?! With all the demands placed on us daily, it is difficult to feel relaxed and at peace. What are your coping mechanisms? Do you feel you are able to manage your stress levels effectively?

Here is an interesting tip: researchers found that showing compassion for others can aid in lowering stress levels. In fact, they say giving emotional support to another person lowers stress levels significantly more than getting that same support. Why? When you help someone else it both lowers the fear circuit of the brain and stimulates the hope circuit. 

These findings may explain why working at your volunteer job leaves you feeling calm and relaxed. It may be the reason you feel so good after helping an elderly woman navigate the self-checkout at the grocery store. It may present you with a very good reason to do good in small ways whenever the opportunity presents itself. ❤️

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