Why Rodan + Fields?

It is a Thursday evening in July. I am working away at Starbucks as my 12-year-old son takes a few turns around the speed skating track, getting his fill of cool air and good exercise.

It's true that I'm working during an "off hour," but I wouldn't have it any other way. You see, I'm a consultant for Rodan + Fields. I keep my own hours. I set my own schedule. I work when it is convenient for me so that I'm available to pick my kids up from their activities, make dinners, attend their plays, concerts, meets, games, and art shows.

How did I get here?

A friend introduced me to Rodan + Fields shortly after I moved to Cleveland. My husband and I had just relocated from the NYC area, and we were trying to figure out what our lives looked like post-financial crash. My husband had been looking unsuccessfuly for work for over 2.5 years and I had a health and wellness business which I loved, but the income was highly unpredictable and there were no benefits. (To be honest, it was a really silly way to try to support a family). I hadn't worked in corporate America for a long time because I began my career working in the tech industry, and while I truly loved my job, I developed sever tendinitis in both arms. I had to quit that job because I was simply in too much physical pain to continue.

So, I was looking for something that was flexible, that I could do on my own terms, that would allow me to take care of my body and my family. There were times when I thought it impossible to find work to fit my specific needs, but then there was Rodan + Fields.

The best part? Rodan + Fields has allowed me to pursue my passion: helping others look and feel great both on the inside and the out. Even more cool? Now I have the opportunity to help other consultants achieve their dreams of financial security and beyond. It truly warms my heart whenever I think about this opportunity and how it has filled me with hope, passion, and excitement. Are you looking for a side gig? Do you want to join me? Message me! I can teach you everything you need to get started.


~ C

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