Posture trackers keep you upright

Do you have pain due to your desk job? Chances are you could alleviate some of it by improving your posture. Tech neck, slouchy shoulders, poor sitting posture: a woman concentrating hard on her work may easily find herself falling into poor habits. The problem? This can lead to neck, shoulder and back pain. It can affect your ability to breathe deeply. Poor posture can even lead to depressed moods and lack of confidence.

What to do? Stretching your chest muscles and performing shoulder squeezes and chin tucks are a good place to start, but a gentle reminder throughout the day may also be just what you need. The following are some cool gadgets that can help maintain good posture throughout the day, bringing your head, shoulders, ribs, and pelvis back in alignment.

Check out these gadgets, a worthwhile investment for better health and wellness:

  1. Lumo Lift: Lumo Lift is a magnetic device you wear on your clothing. When you fall out of ideal posture, it vibrates. It comes with an app similar to your Fit Bit, which allows you to track your progress
  2. Alex Posture: This wearable device fits around your ears and the back of the neck. When your head slouches forward (just one inch forward is an additional 10 pounds of weight on your spine) it vibrates. This also comes with an app to help you track your progress.
  3. Upright: This device attaches to the small of the back. Like the other devices, it helps you maintain ideal posture with a vibration that acts as a reminder.
  4. Kinesiology Tape: Kinesiology tape can be used to stimulate lazy muscles. A taping between the shoulder blades can stimulate the rhomboids, helping you to maintain upright posture. Learn how to do it yourself or see a physical therapist or chiropractor for help.

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