Are gyms worth the cost?

A gym membership can keep you healthy

Is a gym membership worth its cost? Researchers, whose study was published in PLOS ONE, say yes. In their study, they found that 75% of gym members (people who had a membership for at least one month) met the US guidelines for physical activity and cardiovascular fitness. By contrast, only 18% of nonmembers (people who did not have a membership for at least 3 months) were likely to meet the same guidelines.

Gym members also enjoyed a lower likelihood of being obese, had a lower waist circumference and resting heart rate, and exhibited better heart health.

These findings indicate that having a place to go for exercise, and a monetary incentive to use it, may be beneficial to your health. If you are curious, I'd urge you to get out and take a look at some gyms. These days, you will be exposed to numerous activities you can get involved in, and you'll be exposed to many like minded individuals. It's a great way to begin leading a healthy and active life.

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