Americans get a failing report card

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We got a D. That's right. Americans were issued a nutritional report card in September, and we are failing in nearly every category.

Despite warnings to limit overall food intake, we are eating an average of 2,500 calories each day, up 500 calories from the average calorie intake in the 1970's. To make things worse, those extra calories are coming from eating increasing amounts of red meats, sugary beverages, cheese, and white breads. We just can't seem to reach for the fruit plate or the crudités.

Center for Science in the Public nutrition Bonnie Liebman writes, "It's clear that Americans aren't now following, nor have they ever followed, the advice dished out by the Dietary Guidelines for American and other health authorities." Now that's a scary thought. Why can't we heed the advice of these professionals? Why is it so hard to follow a healthy diet? I'd love to know what you think.

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