How to ward off the mental decline that comes with age

mental decline reversed with exercise
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No one wants to lose brain function.

A new study, then, brings exciting news. Researchers in Australia, whose study was published in Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, demonstrate that older adults suffering from mild cognitive impairment can boost their brain power by participating in resistance training activities.

Researchers divided participants into different groups for the study. Participants who were placed in resistance training groups met twice a week for six months and trained at 80% of peak strength. These exercisers enjoyed a significant improvement not just in muscle strength, but in global cognition.

Researchers say there is still a lot to learn and study, as they don't understand how muscle strength influences brain size. However, I'd say you have your marching orders. Get out to the gym, studio, or playground. Work those muscles and your brain will thank you.

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