Your kitchen setup determines your weight

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Your kitchen setup is a good indicator of how much you weigh. 

Sound crazy? Scientist and author of Mindless Eating: Why We Eat More Than We ThinkBrian Wansink, says your home environment is strongly correlated to overall health and weight. 

When you think about it, this argument is logical. If you have cookies and chips sitting out on your kitchen counter, you are much more likely to eat them than if they are stashed away out of sight, right?.

Set your kitchen up for success. Stash away high calorie, tempting treats and make healthier food more available. Wash and cut fruits and vegetables, making them "grab and go" items. Then, display them in prominent spots, like your kitchen counter or the center of your refrigerator. 

Conversely, make yourself work to get to those less healthy foods. Stash the blueberry pie in the back of the refrigerator, with wholesome food stacked in front of it. Put your favorite candy bars in a cabinet above the refrigerator, one that you need a stool to reach. 

You get the idea, right?

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