Bowl of calories

Consider acai bowls dessert, not health food
Photo via Pinterest

Have you tried an açai bowl yet? If you've gone beyond salivating over the thousands of delicious images gracing Instagram these days, you probably know how yummy and popular they are. In fact, these warm weather treats were listed #7 in 2016's hottest Food and Beverage Dining Trends in Restaurants and Hotels.

So what's açai? Açai is a berry that originates in Brazil. Packed with powerful anti-oxidants, it is considered a super food by many. The big question remains, though: is this berry still a health food after it makes its way into juice bars and ice cream shops and emerges as an açai bowl?

Here's the skinny: açai bowls are essentially giant smoothies made of frozen açai pulp, soy milk and bits of fruit like strawberries and bananas. The creamy mixture is usually topped with fresh fruit, coconut, granola, peanut butter, and chocolate chips. Though these treats are often eaten for breakfast, you should consider them a dessert. A Google search reveals the average açai bowl usually has between 60 and 90 grams of sugar in it, and it can have as many as 570 calories.

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