Why you need more protein at breakfast

Add protein to your breakfast
Eggs are a good source of protein

Do you favor breads and cereals for breakfast? If so, new research indicates you probably don't get enough protein at your morning meal.

Scientists, whose research was published in The Journal of Nutrition, say Americans consume most of their protein at dinner time, yet distributing protein intake throughout the day is the better way to go.


The body can't store protein like it can carbohydrates, and it needs a consistent dose of protein to build and repair muscle, control blood sugar, and keep you feeling full.

Strive to eat 20 grams of protein at breakfast, say researchers, about twice as much protein as the average American consumes. Struggling with what you should eat? Not surprisingly, a high quality protein is recommended. For breakfast, eggs, Greek yogurt, milk, and soy are good choices.

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