The secret to core strength

Why does Pilates promote good lumbar stabilization?

According to researchers the answer lies in the deep core muscles. In their study, published in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitaion, they evaluated activation of both surface and deep muscles. Among those who practiced Pilates, the deep muscles strength (transverses abdominis and internal obliques) was stronger.

Here's why: Pilates instructors coach participants to contract the deep stabilizers while performing most postures. This leads to thicker, stronger muscles, and better stabilization for the lumbar spine.

So, if you are practicing Pilates, focus on your exhale, and contracting those deep core muscles while moving in and out of exercises. If you don't practice Pilates, consider a few sessions with a certified instructor. Just a few tips can help you learn how to activate your core muscles while doing just about any strength training move at the gym.

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