How a playlist can boost your exercise regimen

Music increases exercise compliance

Want to get in a great workout? Researchers say you ought to crank up the tunes.

A study published in Sports Medicine-- Open indicates a catchy tune can increase exercise compliance, causing you to exercise both longer and more frequently.

In the study, patients were divided into two groups. The control group got no music. Members of the second group selected their own music, though it had to meet the researchers' tempo criteria. Then, members of the second group were divided in half, and these patients' playlists were enhanced sonically, accentuating the pace of desired exercise.

The result? Patients who listened to their chosen playlists exercised 476 minutes each week, whereas the no music group exercised 370 minutes. More strikingly, though, those who had sonically enhanced playlists exercised an average of 631 minutes.

Music may be just one other tool you can use to get the most out of your workout. Remember to choose songs that will get your body pumped for exercise, and then enjoy moving to the beat as you hit the gym or pound the pavement.

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