Nuts and your health

All types of nuts are beneficial to your health

I've always been confused by nut data. Are almonds the most nutritious? What about cashews? I prefer them over almonds, but are they as healthy? Is peanut butter a heavy hitter when it comes to nutrition? Is my son's sandwich a day habit good or bad?

Do you wonder as well?

A new study simplifies this nut conundrum. Published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the study indicates nut consumption of all kinds (including peanut butter) is beneficial to your health, regardless of your race or socioeconomic standing. The researchers found that regular nut eaters experience a 21% lower mortality rate and a 38% lower cardiovascular mortality rate.

So, we can all benefit from eating nuts, and we don't have to break the bank to positively influence our health, as peanuts will do the trick.

Phew. Nutrition simplified is a lovely thing, isn't it?

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