Why you need a vacation with nature

Natural environments promote relaxation and rejuvenation

Do you need to decompress? Are your tense shoulders permanently elevated up by your ears? Does someone need to pry that cellphone out of your hands? If so, a vacation with nature may be in order, even if you prefer stilettos to sneakers.

According to a study published in The Journal of Environmental Psychology, people quickly report feelings of relaxation and restoration after visiting natural environments like the ocean, the woods, and the mountains. Not surprisingly, longer durations surrounded by nature created greater feelings of rejuvenation, and urban play areas didn't elicit feelings of relaxation.

This summer give your body and your mind a chance to draw on the healing properties of nature. Rent a house on Lake Michigan. Visit the mountains in Colorado. Camp in Joshua Tree National Park. Drive to a small ocean town in the Carolinas and watch the waves roll in and out. Or, if you can only spare a few hours, rent a canoe or kayak and find a secluded place to paddle. Find a spot to hike deep in the woods.

Remember that you cannot give if you have nothing inside to give. Take care of yourself this summer and your body will reward you with a calm and relaxed mind.

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