Should middle aged people avoid vigorous exercise?

Should you avoid vigorous exercise in middle age?

Should you lay down your tennis racket when you approach middle age? Should you avoid a vigorous run? What are the chances that you might suffer a heart attack while exercising when you are in your 50's and 60's?

Researchers, whose study is published in Circulation, studied individuals aged 35-65 to find out the risk of cardiac arrest when the, ahem, older set engages in physical activity.

The findings reveal good news for those looking to live an active life in their later years. Of 1,247 cardiac arrest cases, only 5% occurred during physical activity, and of that 5%, survival rates were much higher than they were among individuals who suffered heart attacks that were not associated with sports activity.

The take home message? Sports activity is low risk and benefits your health. Lace up those shoes, people.

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