The garden workout

Gardening is a great workout

When my husband and I bought our first house I told him I would, under no circumstances, be found weeding the flower beds. I would not mow the lawn, prune bushes, or rake leaves. I would not go outside to play with the earthworms, slugs, spiders and other garden critters. My nails would remain unsullied by dirt.

He agreed, and I lived happily, admiring my flower beds from my living room.

Then the recession hit. Before I knew it, I was the landscaper. I grudgingly pulled on my work jeans and t-shirt. I put on the muddy gloves in our garage and went outside to weed.

That first year I quickly began to dream about filling every single flower bed with grass seed, because, I'm sure you agree, weeding is tedious.

But then something happened. I began to take on bigger jobs. I started to work up a good sweat. I got my blood pumping and, in the process, my garden began to look spectacular.

I dug up hosta, divided them and replanted. I spread mulch and planted grass seed. I began to admire others' gardens, prompting me to research flowers I'd like to plant in my own beds. Soon I had a plan for adding peonies, allium (deer resistant!), and iris to my garden.

Gardening, I discovered, was a fantastic workout that yielded beautiful results. I began to look forward to my gardening tasks, as they rewarded me with clarity of mind, a weekend workout, and a beautiful collection of flowers to enjoy. I became a proud plant mama.

I recommend trying out this gardening thing, even if you hate dirt.

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