DASH wins best diet of 2015

The Dash Diet won best overall diet for 2015

The number of diets out there is dizzying. If you want to follow one, how do you choose? Do you sign up for a cleanse challenge at work? Do you join Weight Watchers and follow their diet? Do you decide bread has gone to your waistline and opt for the low carb, high protein diet?

US News & World Report has weighed in on all those options, making it easier to separate the doozies from the plans that will both boost your health and help you lose weight. This year editors assembled 24 diet, nutrition, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and food psychology experts to evaluate 35 of America's most popular diets.

You know which diet won first place for the best healthy eating diet? The DASH Diet. The DASH diet is a common sense diet that emphasizes eating whole grains, vegetables, lean proteins, and low-fat dairy. It is similar to the Mediterranean and TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes) diets.

The experts determined the diet was easy to follow, and it's good for heart health, diabetes, and weight loss. Sounds like a winner to me, don't you think?

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