The 2-pound wake-up call

stay on top of your weight to keep it in check

I had a rude awakening Saturday. I pulled on my jeans and they felt mighty tight.

Panicked, I hopped on the scale and found I'd gained 2 pounds. This realization prompted an impromptu elliptical session followed by my favorite calorie burning barre sequences.

As I came out of my endorphin high, I began to reflect on the last couple of months. I'd gotten sloppy with my eating and, frankly, I was surprised it had taken so long to catch up with me.

Here's where I erred:

  1. The kids begged me to buy those never-ending snack bags from Costco, and I obliged. The problem? The kids weren't the only ones indulging
  2. When I pulled out the after school snacks I almost always sneaked a taste of my own, even if I wasn't really hungry
  3. I was making school lunches in the evening before dinner. Often ravenous at this time, I'd have a bite here and there, which wasn't helping me control my calorie intake

So, how will I tackle this weight gain?

Here's my plan:

  1. I will not eat packaged snacks when I'm hungry. Only whole foods will do. I'll reach for baby carrots and hummus, apples, grapes, cherry tomatoes, nuts
  2. I won't punish the whole family while working out my issues. Instead, I will avoid buying snacks I can't resist and opt for the ones they like and I find disgusting (like Cheez-its).
  3. I will amp up my exercise routine
  4. I will focus on drinking water, which will help me feel full
  5. I will make lunches as soon as the kids get home, so I'm not ravenous when making them
  6. If necessary, I will chew gum while preparing dinner, so I won't be tempted to taste too much of it
  7. I will make sure I never eat unless I'm truly hungry
  8. I will allow indulgences, like biscotti after dinner, so I don't go absolutely crazy :-)
My husbands find this full-on assault amusing, and perhaps you do, too. But putting the brake on weight gain as soon as possible makes keeping one's weight in check doable. I know I don't want to wake up one day and realize I need to address a 15-pound weight gain. That's just too overwhelming. How about you? How do you control your weight?

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