Coffee accolades

researchers believe coffee consumption may decrease risk of melanoma

Drinking coffee is my favorite morning ritual. When the smell of brewing beans wafts up the staircase from the kitchen it is just a little bit easier to rise, and during the first silent moments of the day, as I sip my cup of joe, life feels calm, beautiful, and full of quiet potential.

And so, I savor these few minutes each day, and I would not trade them in, even if the scientific literature told me it was bad for my health.

Fortunately for me, and perhaps you, coffee continues to get good press for its health-boosting properties. The latest benefit of this morning starter? According to a study published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, drinking caffeinated coffee can protect you against cutaneous melanoma, the fifth most common cancer in the US. If you drink more than one cup, no worries. The risk of melanoma decreases with higher consumption. Overall, you can reduce your risk by up to 20%!

Enjoy your cup friends, guilt-free.

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