2015's power vegetable

kalettes may be the new power vegetable
Source: kalettes.com

It's been introduced as the vegetable match of the century. There's a Facebook page and a website dedicated to this new powerhouse green, and both marketers and growers are hoping you will jump on the bandwagon.

They hope you'll tap into your love for kale and Brussels sprouts to dig into their new hybrid, otherwise known as Kalettes.

But will you like them? The round, purple-hued veggies are a bit sweeter and milder than Brussels sprouts, and they have a great nutty flavor. Another bonus: they are versatile. You can add them to your salad and eat them raw; you can sauté them with olive oil and add citrus fruits or mushrooms; you can take them outside this summer and grill them; you can oven roast them with cheese or fold them into an omelette. Check out the Kalettes website for more cooking and recipe ideas.

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