Beating chronic pain

1 in 5. 19%. 40 million: that's how many Americans suffer from chronic pain.

And what do we do to address it? According to Nightline reporters, most of us pop a pill. 80% of all pain killers, they say, are taken in the US.

But what if you worry about the risk of drug dependency, or you don't want to experience a host of scary side effects? What are your choices? Researchers, whose study was published in the Journal of Pain, say there is an unmet need for solutions to address chronic pain in the US.

However, there are some solutions, and I'd love to introduce you to MELT. MELT is an innovative self-care technique anyone can learn to do. With MELT you can take control of your own health. In a few short weeks you can learn how to rehydrate your fascial tissue and rebalance your nervous system. The result? You get out, and stay out, of pain. It's no joke. Take a look:

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