Why Americans are fat

Why have Americans become so fat? Is it because we eat too much, or is it because we don't exercise enough?

According to a study published in The American Journal of Medicine, the answer is the latter.

Over the last 20 years Americans have seen a significant drop in physical activity during our free time. Take a look at these shocking statistics:
  • In 1988 19% of women reported that they did no physical activity during their free time. In 2010 that number jumped to a whopping 52%
  • In 1988 11% of men said they did no physical activity during their free time. In 2010 the number jumped to 44%
  • Between 1988 and 2010 researchers found little difference in the average number of calories Americans typically consumed
What does this information mean to you? It's worth taking a look at your own activity level on the weekends and after work hours. Do you have a hobby that gets you moving? If not, perhaps it's time to find one.

Next weekend, find a trail to hike. Take a bike ride. Invite a friend to the ice rink. Rent a canoe so you can take a peek at the fall foliage. Get the family together to don some sporty shoes and play a couple frames at the bowling alley. Try your hands at indoor rock climbing. Put on your best dress and go ballroom dancing.

If you don't have fun, try something else. Search and explore until you find an activity that's fun, energizing and inspiring.  When you find it you'll be hooked, and that's good for your mind and body.

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