Summer health

Summer exercise is too fun to be considered a chore

I can't quite believe it, but it is mid-July, and in a few short weeks I'll be turning my attention to replacing tattered backpacks, acquiring sneakers without holes, and cutting the unruly hair on my children's heads.

The winding down of summer is bitter sweet for me. I'm usually ready for my sweet cherubs to return to school so I can approach my work in a more sane, less disjointed way. But I miss the open schedule and warm weather, and I miss the inviting opportunities to eat well and exercise outdoors.

During the summer months the fruits and vegetables have more color and more crunch. They are fresh, juicy and full of flavor. This prompts us to eat more healthy produce, perhaps trading nectarines for potato chips and cherry tomatoes for pretzels. And it frees up our time in the kitchen, because we no longer have to concoct a sauce of vinegar, basil, and craisins to mask the fact that the sugar snap peas are tasteless. They taste delicious au natural.

Likewise, summer exercise hardly feels like a chore. If you live in a state where snow and cold weather seep into fall and spring, the joy of being outside may make you forget, entirely, that you are exercising. Evening walks without bulky coats, hikes in the woods, marathon sessions pulling weeds, biking to the park, running with the dog, family games of tennis and golf, a dip in the pool may well feel more like luxuries than required sweat sessions.

Seize the season. You still have 2 months to take advantage of summer's offerings.

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