Fashion in the studio

It's been a while since I've talked fashion on this site, so I decided it was time to write about the frivolous and fun.

I've been a fan of LuluLemon for years. I was introduced to the brand in 2003 at a small yoga store in Boston, before you could find Lulu squatting in malls and claiming street corners. 2 fashion savvy women ran a store called Exhale, catering to women with money, kids, and a passion for exercise. They facilitated the craze for exercise gear that went beyond the gym and into the grocery store, library, and coffee shop. They recognized and shared the butt enhancing qualities of Lulu's pants and the figure flattery of the jackets and tops.

I immediately dropped Nike and Adidas wear and became a one brand shopper, because I had the right to look fabulous, even though I was spending my days in gyms and studios. Don't we all?

Then the recession hit, and the price tags of the clothing ate just a little too far into my budget. Then the see through pants fiasco erupted, and though I hadn't bought any of the offending pants, it made me question why I'd ever spent $100 for lycra pants. Then the CEO blamed the company's mistake on fat people. Then, I decided I needed a change.

After receiving numerous catalogs from Athleta in the mail, (I guess bombarding people with marketing products really does work) I decided to give the clothing a try.

Athleta is not cheap, but it is certainly more reasonable than Lulu. It also has better sales and more coupons. I'd even venture to say the store is more welcoming and less intimidating. The clothing? I tried on several tops I loved. I only bought one, because money is tight. But I'll definitely go back for more. Maybe next month…

I bought this tank

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