Why you should take your workout outdoors

It's summer! For three short months the weather will be divine. There will be no frost on the windows, no chilling winds whipping through your parka, no ice nestled in between the cracks of the sidewalk, just daring you to run and slip.

Take advantage of Mother Nature's gentle months and take your exercise outdoors.

Here's why:

Researchers, whose findings were published in Environmental Science and Technology, say exercising outdoors, rather than indoors, can leave you with a greater feeling of satisfaction and a greater decrease in tension, anger, and depression. This is not surprising, as hiking in the woods or kayaking on the river allows you to connect with nature and soak up your natural surroundings. The natural surroundings not only challenge you physically, but they help you extract yourself from your office and computer. Such benefits, which boost mental well being, don't come easily from a sweat session on a treadmill that's crammed in a gym full of machines, televisions, and people.

Of course there is value in an indoor workout. I know I couldn't possibly survive the summer without my Reformer and my Cadillac. But there are great adventures to be had outside, and you can easily take your friends, family, and pet along for the fun!

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