I'm back on track. Join me!

I'll admit it. I fell off the wagon, and it was hard to get back on.

A couple weeks ago I moved, and my time to blog and share information got usurped by packing, moving, cleaning, unpacking, and purging. I told myself I'd take one week off, and one week turned into two, then three weeks.

I thought I might take this week off, too. After all, I've finished unpacking boxes, but the house is a disaster. Because I retrieved a home that was in storage for 4 years, the amount of sorting, sifting, and purging I have to do is endless. (Why did I save that diaper bag and changing pad? Why didn't I get rid of my most despised furniture? What will I possibly do with my uncountable number of framed pictures and photos?)

In short, the temptation to drop blogging is great, and this got me thinking about you. Since you read this blog, I assume you are in search of a healthy life. You may already have one, and tune in for tips, tricks, ideas, or a little inspiration from time to time.

Are you tempted to give up this pursuit, to sit down with a tub of ice cream rather than go on that run you'd planned? I get it. For many, the temptation to trade exercise for other activities is a daily battle. It can easily drop on the priority list when lives get busy.

Today I ended my vacation from blogging, and if you've been taking vacation from health or fitness, I urge you to end yours as well. For me, blogging is an important way of connecting with you. It is an important way to share information about health and wellness, to inspire a life of choices that will enhance our lives. And, it's an important way for me to reflect on the industry and new findings. It's an opportunity to hone my craft of writing.

What about you and your goal to live a healthy life? It is important for you to stay on that path, to remain active and healthy as you age. Your choices today will greatly affect how you feel every day. They will allow you to more fully participate in life, with a reduced risk of developing all kinds of serious health conditions.

Let's get back on track. It's worth the effort.

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