Low back pain? Try Pilates

Do you suffer from low back pain?

Pilates may bring you the relief that you need.

Researchers, whose study was published in the European Journal of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine followed a group of people suffering from low back pain. Half chose to practice Pilates and half chose not to exercise.

The result? The group that practiced Pilates experienced decreased back pain and decreased disability.
Those who did not practice Pilates worsened: they experienced an increase in both back pain and disability.

Participants who mitigated their pain worked. They exercised 5 days a week, showing great consistency and devotion to their program. While I'm sure it proved difficult to exercise at times, I bet they do not regret the time they spent strengthening their bodies. I bet they don't wish they'd spent a little more time watching television or surfing the internet.

Treat your body well and you will be rewarded with health, vitality, agility. Everyone wants that, right?

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