When the leg warmers trumped the blizzard

I just had to seize the chance to wear my new leg warmers.

Barre combines éléments of Pilates, strength training, and ballet

So I risked life and limb to drive to STOTT's Instructor Training Studio during last weekend's blizzard. The Columbus based studio lay in wait, enveloped by snow and smacked by bone chilling winds. It winked at the nasty weather, as it pounded with music and dance.

What is barre, you ask?

Barre is a saucy mix of Pilates, ballet, cardio, and strength training. It gets the heart pumping; it convinces the body to move and sway to the beat. It allows your inner ballerina to touch the ceiling as she kicks her legs forward and back.

Barre is fun. Yes, you read that correctly. Barre is exercise, and it is fun.

Break out of your gym rut and sign up for a class. It'll wake you up and fill your mind with fresh ideas about how to move that magnificent body of yours. (And though you don't' need to wear a tutu, you can wear some funky leg warmers if you want to).

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