Say no to sarcopenia

exercise and diet can ward off sarcopenia
Source: Diana, Wikimedia Commons

Are you in danger of developing sarcopenia?

"Sarco-what?" you ask?

Literally, sarcopenia means "poverty of flesh." It is a loss of muscle mass, power, and strength. The culprit is old age.

But it's not all bad news, because you can fight Old Man Time on this one. The main cause of sarcopenia is the inactivity that often accompanies old age, which means you have the power to reverse its effects if you choose to do so. Researchers say cardiovascular and resistance exercise, coupled with a healthy diet high in protein and antioxidants, is the best way to prevent muscle loss.

If you are an older adult, follow the CDC's exercise guidelines, which advocate 2.5 hours of cardio activity and 2 strength training sessions each week.

Diet plays a crucial role in maintaining muscle mass as well. Eat foods high in protein, vitamin D and antioxidants to ward off sarcopenia, as these food components help muscles and neurons function properly.

Eat right and exercise: I think I've heard that one before...

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