Peanut butter: a healthy diet food

Ideas for using peanut butter to control your weight
Source: Pinterest
I have a great new food for you to add to your diet arsenal: peanut butter.

Researchers, whose study was published in the British Journal of Nutrition, found eating peanut butter quells a person's desire to eat for up to 12 hours.

That's a long time, don't you think?

The spread is particularly satisfying for two reasons.

  1. Peanuts are high in protein and fiber; they are chock full of healthy oils. These attributes, when working together, promote blood sugar control. 
  2. When we eat the spread our bodies secrete a hormone called peptide YY, which help us feel full.

Inspired? Remember to look for peanut butter without a bunch of junk in it. (You know: molasses, corn syrup and unpronounceable ingredients that have no business in peanut butter, let alone your body). I buy the large jars of all natural peanut butter from Costco, because they contain peanuts and salt. Nothing else.

Here's how I like to eat peanut butter:

  1. Spread on whole wheat crackers, multi-grain english muffins, or whole wheat toast
  2. Atop bananas or apples
  3. In an apple sandwich
  4. In my new, favorite, granola recipe
  5. In a smoothie. (I love this recipe from Shape)
  6. Sandwiched in between two whole grain pieces of bread, and topped with a dab of strawberry jam
How do you take your peanut butter?

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