Cooking and eating fennel

tips for cooking and eating fennel

When I go out to eat I'm always drawn to the dishes whose ingredients include fennel, because I love its unique taste.

In the past, since I wasn't sure how to cook the winter vegetable myself, I thought it best to leave it to the experts.

But this year my boredom with broccoli and asparagus pushed me to search out the curious bulb and learn how to prepare it myself. Here's the good news: it's not hard.

Here are some tips and facts:
  1. Fennel is a good source of fiber, vitamin C, and potassium
  2. The vegetable is similar in texture to celery. It will stay fresh in your refrigerator for about a week
  3. The whole plant, save the core, is edible
  4. Fennel is delicious raw. Slice thick strips for a crunchy snack. Slice thins strips to add to salads.
  5. Recently, the Wall Street Journal highlighted fennel in its food section. Chefs shared their recipes, which included pasta, sausage, and cod and pear. Check out this salad, which adds fennel and apple slices, and parmesan to an arugula salad.
  6. Want a winter meal that is hot and savory? This fennel and winter green risotto, by Chef Danny Amend, may be what you are looking for
  7. Need more ideas? Shape has a number of healthy recipes that will inspire. These brussels sprouts, with spiced pecans and fennel look yummy!
How do you prep and eat your bulbs?

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