Pilates on video: learning the ropes

I've been experimenting with video recently, and it's been a maddening process. I've tried a lot, and I've made a lot of mistakes. (No, an Instagram video does not upload nicely to YouTube. The platform is just too different). 

I'll admit it: it's a bit scary to experiment with an audience. But I've persevered, partly due to the encouragement and feedback I've received from all of you. The result? I've learned a lot about video technology and the platforms for sharing videos, and I thought I'd share my newly acquired wisdom with you. Here are the questions I sought to answer, and my findings:

  1. How long should a video be on Instagram? (10-15 seconds) 
  2. How about YouTube? (1-5 minutes)
  3. What's the difference between the two audiences? (Instagram peeps watch videos on the phone; YouTube peeps watch on desktops and phones. YouTube audiences tend to have longer attention spans)
  4. How do you use a cheap microphone without an indicator light? (Carefully, and expect to make a few silent films by accident. Next time, splurge for better technology)
  5. How do you videotape in a tiny room? (Ask your extremely kind husband to lie under the bookcase to shoot)

Here's the skinny on what you can find from Body Acumen's videos:

Instagram videos are short videos, about 15 seconds. Every Tuesday I post a new video, featuring a different exercise. You can find these videos, compiled, on my blog. Go to the homepage and click on the tab at the top. It is titled Sneak Peek Pilates.

My YouTube channel contains longer videos. Some of the videos outline the basic principles of Pilates: head placement, shoulder girdle stability, rib cage stability, and pelvic placement. I am also creating videos that are compilations of the Instagram shorts. The first one covers the Abdominal Series with the Jump Board, Snake, Reverse Short Spine with Leg Circles, and Diagonal Rowing.

All these videos are meant to be both instructional and inspiring. I'll admit my video skills are limited, and I'm working on improving the quality of each successive video I make. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please don't hesitate to pass them along. We're all here to learn, right?

~ C

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