Healthy diet tip: eat whole foods

Source: Cathe
A health conscious consumer, the last decade probably saw your diet take a significant turn from processed to whole foods. Instead of grabbing protein bars after a workout, you now grab a handful of almonds. Instead of throwing apple chips in your bag for a mid-day snack, you throw in an apple. Instead of munching on chips to satisfy your craving for crunch, you munch on raw pumpkin seeds.

Because whole foods are nutritionally dense, this shift is a good one, but it's not the only reason you ought to keep it up. Research cited in IDEA Fitness Journal indicates eating whole foods has a benefit beyond its nutritional content: it helps keep weight in check as well. Why? When foods are processed their cell walls break down, making it easier for our bodies to absorb nutrients. This means we actually take in more calories from foods when they've been processed.

Chew on this: our bodies take in more calories from peanut butter than from peanuts. They take in more calories from strawberry jam than from strawberries, more from soy milk than from soy, more from oat flour than from whole oats.

Interesting data, right? Take it into account as you plan your meals and snacks, especially if you are striving to maintain a healthy weight.

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