Sugar shockers

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Last weekend I finally got in some summer reading. While Dino Dan episodes filled the car with sounds of friendly Velociraptor and Diplodocus calls, I hunkered down in the front seat to learn about the bliss point, mouth feel, and sensory specific satiety.

 I was reading Michael Moss’s food manufacturing tell-all, Salt, Sugar, Fat.

Moss's book is full of shocking (and fascinating) information about the food industry. It details how Big Food’s mission to dominate the marketplace and sell products has created a plumped up nation weighed down by uncountable health crises that cost this nation $150 billion in health costs each year.

Here are a few tidbits:
  • Grocers sell more soda than they do other staples, like milk and cheese
  • The AHA recommends women consume 5 teaspoons of sugar per day. A 64 oz. Double Gulp contains 44 teaspoons of sugar
  • Through advertising and sales, food manufacturers aim to teach children what food should taste like, and that food is filled with much higher concentations of sugar than foods marketed to adults
  • In a 1987 study, adults were asked to drink 40 oz of soda daily. They gained, on average, 1.5 lbs in just 3 weeks. If continued, this weight gain would result in a 26-pound weight gain over the course of one year
  • When food manufacturers saw sugary products were causing a spike in  diabetes rates among the American people, they decided to develop sugar-free products to capture a new market

I haven’t gotten to the Salt and Fat sections yet….

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