Pester power and the neon pink cereal

Did you know food marketers aim to educate your children about their products just enough to give them the "Pester Power" needed to cajole you into buying them?

If you're like me, you can recall  an instance when it happened. Your son begged and pleaded with you, because he had to have the neon colored cereal with a picture of Bob the Builder plastered over the box front. You were juggling a baby, a snack that fell on the floor, and an overtired toddler at the time. You were sleep deprived yourself, and so, just to get out of the grocery store, to avoid a meltdown in public, you threw the box in the grocery cart.

Author and educator Anna Lappe shares more about Pester Power and Big Food's sneaky marketing techniques in this video.  Of course it's outrageous, and that's why you need to watch it:

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