Summer: the best season to revamp your healthy living plan


Last week the American Medical Association, the largest physician's group in the United States, classified obesity not as an unfortunate condition, but as a disease.

That means 30% of this country's population is now considered ill, thanks to a combination of poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles.

No matter where you stand on the weight spectrum, chances are your healthy living strategy can be improved upon. Guess what? You're in luck. Summer is the best season to revamp eating and exercise habits, because the season makes it simple and enjoyable to do so.

Increase your exercise by picking up one of the many summer sports available to you: tennis, softball, soccer, swimming, speed walking, running, hiking, golf, kayaking, rock climbing.

Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables by sampling Mother Nature's fresh and delicious bounty.  Make a trip to your local Farmer's Market and load up on tomatoes, kale, swiss chard, sweet corn, strawberries, and peaches.  Join a farm share and receive a portion of a local farmer's harvest.  Be an aggressive do-it-yourselfer: plant and tend your own garden, then enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Here's to summer!

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