Cook: that's all you have to do

Source: Beautiful edible
My favorite food guru, Michael Pollan, has a new book out, Cooked. In it, Pollan says the most important thing you can do to improve your health is cook.


People who cook their own meals have healthier diets than those who don't. They prepare more balanced meals, and they monitor what goes into their dishes. They don't waste precious time making lots of junk food. (Imagine if you had to fry your own donuts in order to eat them.  It would significantly cut your intake of the treats, don't you think?)

We are all busy. Just thinking about taking the chef's hat from Kraft and donning it yourself may give you heart palpitations.

Don't panic. Simple, quick, and healthy are all attainable.

Visit the Farmer's Market this weekend and plan to cook a couple meals next week. Supplement these meals with some easier, prepared foods. As you get comfortable cooking, it will become less time intensive and more enjoyable. As one who used to call a bowl of Cheerios dinner, I can lend some hope: it can happen.

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