The best exercise for weight loss

Pilates is a great way to build muscle.  Combine it with
some type of cardiovascular training, like running or biking

Strength training or cardiovascular training: which is better for weight loss? It's a question that millions of women ask their trainers every day.

A study conducted by researchers in North Carolina and published in Journal of Applied Physiology, attempts to answer it. Study participants engaged in one of three different fitness programs: strength training, aerobic training, or a program that combined both strength training and aerobic training.

The results? Those who engaged in the aerobic and the combination programs lost the most weight, but those participants also lost lean body mass. Those who engaged in the strength training and the combination program gained muscle.

What does this mean? Aerobic training will help you lose weight quickly at first, but it will also result in muscle loss if not combined with a strength training regimen. For overall health, strive to find one or more activities that combine elements of aerobic and strength training. And, as always, examine your interests and pursue a form of exercise that you enjoy and look forward to.

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