Chia, not just a corny gift

Add Chia seeds to your oatmeal
Source: Oh She Glows

Quick.  What do you think when someone utters the word "chia?"

The first thing I think of is the chia pet.  You know, the clay pot with holes in it that sprout a full, green layer of "fur," a simply perfect gift for Mom.  (Ha!)

But today, chia has been elevated from corny gift to superfood.

Why this new status? Chia is higher in omega 3's than any other plant.  It is a complete protein also high in fiber.  It contains magnesium, niacin, and all those coveted antioxidants.  Another bonus?  Unlike flax seeds, you don't need to grind chia seeds, because your body can absorb their nutrients even when the seeds remain intact.

How can you incorporate chia in your diet?  Throw the seeds in your oatmeal, salads, soups, smoothies, juices or granola.  Sprinkle into your favorite banana or pumpkin bread recipe.

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