Change your environment for a better workout

The spring thaw is upon us.  Within a few weeks the snow will melt and the trees will grow fresh, green leaves.  Flowers will poke out from the ground revealing an array of color, daring us to smile a bit more broadly than we did yesterday.

Researchers from Iowa State University say exercisers surrounded by lush, green environments are happier and more fulfilled with their routines than those surrounded by dull, black and white images.  As I see it, spring is the perfect time to test this theory.  Try surrounding yourself with, and noticing, the beautiful environment around you.  It may just get you out the door more often.

What can you do?  Walk, run, cycle, row, rock climb, play a game of golf or tennis, pick up a club sport like soccer or baseball, play tag with your little ones, hike, garden (lay down the mulch yourself this year), mow the lawn, in-line skate, wash the car.  I'm getting excited just thinking about it...

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