Armchairs are for sitting

Would you buy an armchair that monitored your health & turned into a cardio machine? 

Call me crazy, but I like to relax when I sit in my armchair.  I seek it out when I want to read, watch Downton Abbey, snuggle with my kids, or chat on the phone.

Some German researchers, though, have different ideas about the function of an armchair.  In response to the growing, global obesity epidemic, they've created an  armchair with sensors that monitor your health.  After collecting data, it pesters you about your heart rate and blood pressure.  Then it offers you a customized exercise program.

But that's not all.  The armchair conveniently converts into a rowing machine so you can take action immediately.  And, if you perform the exercises incorrectly, it will correct you.

Sounds deeply unsettling, doesn't it?  Here's my alternative: we all know exercise is an essential component of living a healthy life.  We don't need chairs to tell us to get moving.  Make it a point, every day, to move your body.  Walk, run, swim, cycle, play sports with the kids.  Do what you like, so it isn't tough to make it happen.

Then, rest in your non-talking chair, for some well deserved down time.

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