Eat the pale stuff, too

Eating cauliflower can reduce the risk of stroke
Eating cauliflower can reduce the risk of stroke

Green vegetables may get all the nutritional glory, but their pale counterparts are worth eating as well.

A Dutch study published in Stroke, indicates consuming fruits and vegetables with white flesh can reduce the risk of stroke by 52%.

White produce includes apples, pears, cauliflower, bananas, and cucumbers.  These fruits and vegetables may reduce stroke because they are both high in fiber and high in the antioxidant flavenoid called quercetin.  Both fiber and quercetin keep blood and cholesterol levels low.

Try adding a touch of white to your next meal.  Add cucumbers and pears to your sandwiches and salads.  Steam or roast cauliflower.  Top your cereal or yogurt with bananas, or add the fruit to a smoothie.  Make an apple and peanut butter sandwich, or simply slice it into wedges and enjoy for snack.

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