The abdominal series and the elf on the shelf

Jingles rests after a recent Pilates sessions.
He's built up abdominal endurance and improved his posture

When the Elf on the Shelf showed up at our house on December 2nd, he immediately told me he'd like to try Pilates.  I was skeptical, because I know a bit about our elf, Jingles. Though he is truly a jolly soul, he isn't very reliable.  Not only does he fail to shows up until mid-December, but he also forgets time and again to return to the North Pole and report on my kids' progress in preparing for Christmas.  Instead, he loafs around my house, sitting on the same tree branch in the living room or the same potted plant for days and days.  He grins and smiles but is definitely short on action.

Pilates requires discipline, and I didn't think Jingles had the drive or ambition to master Pilates in just a couple weeks.   Nevertheless, I thought I'd give him a chance. I mean how often does one get to train an elf?  (I didn't want to piss off Santa either).

I must say, I've been pleased and surprised with Jingles' effort and abilities.  Following are a few of the moves he's mastered this month.

We've been working a lot on pelvic positioning and abdominal endurance.  Jingles has grown tremendously in the area, and he is quite good at performing the abdominal endurance series:

Rolling like a ball

Single leg stretch


We've also been working on strengthening his glutes and extending his spine.  All the work in the elf factory left him a little kyphotic:

Swan Dive Prep

Single Leg Extension

Jingles' favorite exercise is Spine Stretch Forward.  He is quite good at articulating his spine:

I must admit I'm saddened that tonight will be the last time I will have the opportunity to train Jingles until next December.  I hope he makes a New Year's resolution to keep up with his routine.  It's hard to keep up with an intense exercise routine, but Jingles will be the first to tell you the benefits are well worth it.  Maybe we'll have to Skype.

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