Best stocking stuffers for health nuts

Every year I look forward to scouring the stores for stocking stuffers.  The challenge of finding a slew of items that are cheap, small, and won't go straight to a landfill is one I voraciously pursue.  Oh the thrill of a stocking filled with unexpected, delightful, and useful gifts!  There's nothing better.

Yet I know there are others who begrudgingly shop for these items, all the time wishing Santa never came up with the silly tradition of filling socks with toys.  And so, I'm sharing my ideas for the health nuts in your life.  I hope it eases your burden and delights your loved one.

Best stocking stuffers for health enthusiasts:
  • Go to Target or your favorite drugstore, and peruse the aisles.  Look for: 
    • A pocket size sunscreen or lotion
    • Small, travel sized containers to fill with creams, shampoos, and conditioners
    • Lip balm
    • Hair ties, elastics, bobby pins and headbands 
  • Buy everyday items that you'll have to buy, whether you are getting a gift or not.  Get:
    • Fun underwear
    • Moisture wicking socks 
    • A scarf or neck warmer
    • Hat
    • A water bottle: I like the water bobble, which filters water
  • An iTunes card
  • Brightly colored ear buds
  • Sensatech gloves 
  • Toe Sox 
  • Sunglasses
  • A fantastic smartphone cover.  I came across artist Jenean Morrison while on vacation last summer.  I loved her work and just had to support her.  Her cases are pricey, but if you can afford $35, take a peek.  
  • Protein bars.  Perhaps your gift recipient has a favorite kind.  If not, give her a few to try.  I like Lara Bars and Cliff Bars
  • A pocket size book.  Try Michael Pollan's Food Rules: An Eater's Manifesto.  It's a quick read packed with healthy eating tips
  • Fill snack bags with nuts or a homemade trail mix
  • Fun, brightly colored shoelaces
  • Flex-bands or a jump rope
  • If your recipient has a favorite sport, find replacement parts or accessories for that sport.  Golf tees, golf balls, knee pads, skate guards, a bike lock or bell, a swim cap, etc.
There you are.  I hope I've inspired some ideas.  Now go shopping!

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