An intense run for a slice of pie: is it worth it?

Source: Betty Crocker
Should you indulge in Aunt Bertha's pecan pie this holiday season?  Maybe yes, maybe no-- only you can make that determination.

But how do you decide?  

Consider that pecan pie and then consider its calories.  How much time and effort would it take you to burn off the calories?  Once you know the answer, you can decide if indulging is in order or not.

I've gathered a list of a few treats you'll probably come across in the next 6 weeks, the time period that tests our abilities to fend off indulgences the most.  Then, I calculated how much you'd have to exercise to burn them off.  (All calculations based on a 140-pound woman).
  1. 1.5 oz. chocolate bar = 210 calories = walk for 38 minutes (keep pace at 15 min/mile)
  2. One 2-inch Ghiradelli brownie = 190 calories = bike for 42 minutes (10 mph)
  3. One piece of pecan pie = 510 calories = run for 46 minutes (10 min/mile)
  4. 27 Cheez-Its = 160 calories = skate at moderate pace for 21 minutes
  5. 1 oz. of sour cream and onion potato chips = 160 calories = swim laps for 21 minutes
  6. One glass of red wine = 120 calories = play tennis with friends for 18 minutes
  7. One cup eggnog = 343 calories = speed walk for 47 minutes
  8. Small caffe latte = 180 calories = shovel the walk for 25 minutes
Next time you find yourself craving a treat at a holiday party, take a moment to think about its "cost."  Doing so will help you manage extra calories throughout the season, so you'll feel good about yourself as you enter the New Year.

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