Sophisticated grilled cheese sandwiches

My son loves grilled cheese.  In his most perfect world, he'd eat peanut butter (no jelly) sandwiches every day for lunch and grilled cheese every day for dinner.

He likes his comfort food.

I'm not inclined to indulge my son's fantasy all the time, but some evenings I do whip out the skillet and grill some sandwiches.  This is a true labor of love, because I hate grilled cheese sandwiches.

At least I thought I did.  My distaste for my son's meal of choice sent me on a quest to put together a grilled cheese sandwich that is sophisticated and palatable, even for an adult who doesn't jump for joy at the idea of eating sandwiches for dinner.

Here's my latest combination, which has transformed my grilled cheese nights from blah, to super delicious:

  1. Begin with fresh baked bread.  It should be relatively mild in taste.  I used rosemary bread
  2. Slice fontal cheese and place on bread
  3. Top with fresh basil leaves and thinly sliced pear
  4. Add a thin slice of prosciutto
  5. Place olive oil in skillet and grill until cheese is melted and bread is toasted
Serve with soup and salad.

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