Water, with a little zing

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Because we need so much water to keep our bodies hydrated (an astonishing 11 cups), each day can seem like a grand mission to complete the impossible.  We carry our water bottles from the house to the car, and then tote them around all day in an effort to take a sip here and there when we can.  Did we consume enough by the end of the day?  Probably not, but we made a valiant effort and tomorrow is another day.

And so we try again the next day, and the next.  And somewhere along the way we get bored of water.

Though I can usually chug quite a bit of the wet stuff, there are times when I need a little something different.  Variety is the spice of life, right?

In an effort to mix things up this summer I began to experiment with flavored waters.  With very little effort I made watermelon, cucumber, rosemary, and mint infused water.  This was all especially fun as I used fresh ingredients from my herb garden, which made me feel very wholesome and natural.

But now winter is coming, and my herbs will soon be gone for another year.  What to do?  Though winter brings with it the delicious act of brewing and drinking hot tea, it is hardly a substitute for a tall glass of water.

I was contemplating all this last week when I went to the grocery store in search of a quick snack on my way to volunteer at my daughter's school.  I went straight for the prepared foods, grabbed some sushi and looked for a healthy refreshing, drink.  That's when I saw a case full of Hint water.  These waters are just like the ones I made myself.  They are infused with just a hint of flavor, and not additional calories.  Perfect for a little change, a little zing when you need it.  Enjoy!

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