Healthy pool snacks

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This summer has been a scorcher.  For me and my kids, that's meant a daily trip to the pool.  (We don't have central air).  The pool is a fantastic place for the kids to cool down, burn off some energy, and get some great exercise.

And this leaves them starving.

If you go to a pool like mine, the snack bar may be tempting, but it offers few healthy eating options.  I don't mind a burger, fries, or ice cream once in a while, but these foods aren't good choices on a daily basis.

This leaves me with a food challenge.  What can I take to the pool that the kids will eat, doesn't take too much time to prepare, and will stand up to a couple hours in heat nearing 100 degrees?

Here's my short list:

  1. Nuts.  Nuts are full of protein, which keep the kids full.  Cashews and almonds are our favorites.
  2. Dried fruit.  Raisins, dried mangoes, craisins, and dried cherries satisfy a craving for sweet foods.
  3. Popcorn.  Kids love popcorn, and recent studies indicate it is one of the healthiest snacks they could indulge in.  
  4. Carrot sticks and sliced apples.  Carrots and apples hold up pretty well in steamy conditions.  Put them in a bag with a small ice pack and they'll be okay for an hour or so.  You'll feel like super mom as you watch the kids dive into them.
  5. Cereal.  My kids aren't toddlers any more, but they still like a handful of Frosted Mini-Wheats on occassion.
  6. Loads of ice water.  Nothing tastes better on a hot day than icy, cold water.  I love the bobble water bottles, as you can fill them anywhere and they filter the water.  
What do you eat at the pool?

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