Have your chocolate, and eat it too

Source: flickr.com

A dark chocolate bar and a great glass of Cabernet is a truly delicious, sophisticated and decadent way to end an evening meal.  But even as you are enjoying it, you may be contemplating how you'll work off those extra calories at the gym the next day.

Now, it seems, you can enjoy this indulgence without entertaining the nagging questions about how much your dessert is derailing your diet.

In a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers share some good news: those who eat chocolate regularly actually weigh less than those who rarely eat chocolate.  Amazingly, participants in the study who enjoyed chocolate based treats regularly had a lower BMI than those who refrained from eating chocolate, even when they consumed more calories overall.  (The exercise habits between the two groups were the same).

Chocolate, it seems, causes a metabolic boost that offsets any extra calories consumed.

Chocolate indulgence sans guilt.  I'll go for that.

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