Cardiovascular training protects your brain

Source: Pinterest

It's not just your muscles, bones, and heart that respond positively when you exercise.  Your brain benefits from your sweat sessions, too.

According to research conducted by the American College of Sports Medicine, people who engage in moderate intensity cardiorespiratory activities reduce their risk of dying from dementia by more than half.

How can you get in some moderate cardio training?  Take a jog or speed walk.  Hike your local trails or rent a kayak for the afternoon.  Go ice skating or swim laps in the pool.  Play a game of soccer or basketball with your friends or your children.  Want to keep it simple?  Jump rope or do jumping jacks.

Find something you like to do, and switch your routine every month to keep boredom at bay.  Certainly it's worth the effort to keep your brain healthy as you age, don't you think?

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